katanawolf (katanawolf) wrote in starlight_fox,

Recipes taken so far

Syrisburd- Has signed up and is taking the apple pie recipe since its her fav and she called me about it via phone so yeah thats in the book.

All else is free game. If you wish to claim your recipe please put a post here and I will add it to the list so people know what has been taken. Up to three recipes can be taken by one person as long as there is art to go with each one.

Thank you to all who have joined in so far. Pictures need to be tasteful and nude art is all right as long as it is tasteful. Difference between nude art and porn. Porn is not welcome nude art as long as its tasteful and flows with the picture is fine.

Example of allowed A nude vixen girl wrapped in noodles

Example of whats not A nude vixen *playing with herself* with a fork in a bowl of noodles is not.

Any questions please feel free to ask here.
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