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Starlight foundation

Make A wish build a dream and help a friend

Starlight_fox_foundation porfolio
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Here is a place of hope. Starlight_fox foundation was found recently due to recent events. This is a furry relief effort for helping those effected by natural diasters and also home base for the porfolio due out.

1) Everyone is welcome to join in, even if you are only a cook with recipes to share.

2) Feel free to sell your original art for yourself or charity but all funds on coppies of the portfolio that you sell must go to charity or sent to katanawolf to be added to the groups joint charity fund that will be drawn from durring future natural disasters that effect members friends and family.

3) First print run is the end of May 2006

4) Pictures need to be tasteful and nude art is all right as long as it is tasteful. Difference between nude art and porn. Porn is not welcome nude art as long as its tasteful and flows with the picture is fine.

Example of allowed A nude vixen girl wrapped in noodles

Example of whats not A nude vixen *playing with herself* with a fork in a bowl of noodles is not.

5) If you have any questions please email one of the maintainers.

Current List

t_e_siberius devilled eggs
atuki Pumpkin Pie and Rasberry squares
blith Crazy choclate cake
Syrisburd apple pie
zannyvix Fantastic Chicken Macaroni Salad